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FENSA Registered

Consumer protection when purchasing double glazing.
Consumer protection when purchasing double glazing.

Our Guarantee

10 year guarantee
10 year guarantee on all our windows, doors and conservatories.

Energy Efficiency

Get the low-down on U values...

What do we mean by U value?
U value is a means of comparing the heat lost through various parts of a building. A part of a building with a U value of 4.0 W/m²K will lose twice as much heat as one with a U value of 2.0 W/m²K.

The lower the U value the less heat you lose
A single glazed window has a U value of 5.6, with secondary glazing this can be reduced to 1.8 - 1.9. Low E glass in secondary glazing reflects most of the heat back into the room.

Eliminating Draughts

Living with your windows is easy...

Draughts through your windows can create cold spots around the room, particularly around the legs and feet, as a result heating is normally turned up higher to compensate. The tight tolerances designed into our secondary glazing system keeps cold air and dust out hilst retaining the warm air in the building.

Air permeability test
This defines the ability of the window to resist air penetration when it is subjected to differential pressure and is a measure of the air which seeps through the test window at given test pressures. The secondary met the stringent test results of Pressure Class 300Pa, and was tested by BSI to the following standards.
BS 5368: Part 1
BS 6375: Part 1

Extensive use is made of air-conditioning in today’s busy offices, shops and at home. Installing secondary glazing will help to reduce the energy used in cooling the building and stops cool air escaping out through your windows.

Sound Reduction

Sound doesn’t have to be complicated

How does sound travel?
Sound travels through the air like ripples on a pond surface. The sound radiates outwards in all directions from the source, gradually reducing in intensity or until an object stops its progress.

Sound (dB Decibels)
Sound is described in different ways but primarily in terms of intensity and frequency. The sound intensity is described in dB. A low dB indicates a soft sound; a high dB value indicates a loud sound. Frequency describes how high or low pitched the sound is (Hz).

Sound Reduction
A sound’s volume at 60dB decreased by…

  • 3dB is just perceptible
  • 5dB clearly noticeable
  • 10dB half the original volume

Recommended Indoor Ambient Noise Levels In Dwellings:

  • Bedrooms 30-35dB
  • Living rooms 30-40dB

Test results carried out at BRE
At the Building Research Establishment in Watford, a primary window with 4mm glass was tested with our secondary glazing installed behind and achieved the following results.

The Existing Window Achieved a Reduction of 26 dB
With secondary glazing installed with a 100mm air gap between the two, the following results were achieved:

  • 4mm Glass 39 dB - Estimated reduction in sound through the window = 65%
  • 6mm Glass 39 dB - Estimated reduction in sound through the window = 65%
  • Laminated 40 dB - Estimated reduction in sound through the window = 70%
  • Acoustic Glass 45 dB - Estimated reduction in sound through the window = 75%

Easy Installation with No Mess

Secondary glazing has stood the test of time and remains the best form of insulation for homes, offices, public and private sector buildings against heat loss, draughts and noise intrusion.

All windows in our range are aesthetically designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing décor, and are available in a full range of colours.

A number of window designs are available to choose from to help suit existing window and door styles.

Unsurpassed Quality … Effective Simplicity

  • Up to 45dB reduction in sound through your windows depending on glass choice
  • Draught free
  • Low E glass available to help reduce heat loss
  • Reduced energy consumption in winter and summer
  • Keeps cool air in when using air conditioning
  • Fly screens to keep insects out

Excellence Through Design

Tailor-made units are manufactured to exact specifications. Combined with our highly efficient sealing qualities, this makes our system the obvious choice for the discerning buyer.

Fly screens can also be installed behind a glazed panel to offer additional protection throughout the year against airborne and crawling insects.

Window Styles available

Fixed, Hinged, Lift Outs, Horizontal Sliders, Friction & Counter Balanced Vertical Sliders, Easy Clean Tilt-in Counter Balanced Verticals

Our Aluminium Windows and Doors are available in any shade from the RAL colour charts.

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Oakview Window Company Ltd is a family run business providing double-glazing and secondary glazing, windows, doors and conservatories. The company was created in January 2008 by professionals with over 10 years experience in the double-glazing industry and modern knowledge of the latest manufacturing processes.

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