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FENSA Registered

Consumer protection when purchasing double glazing.
Consumer protection when purchasing double glazing.

Our Guarantee

10 year guarantee
10 year guarantee on all our windows, doors and conservatories.

Our Aluminium Doors are great for both domestic and commercial use. They are available in any shade from the RAL colour range. Profiles allow for optimum thermal insulation. High performance frames and high security hardware all improve the comfort of your home. Pilkington low emission K glass is used in all our products.

Aluminium 'Front' Doors

Your entrance door establishes the aesthetic look of your property, which makes it a very important part of your house or office. Our doors are fitted with multipoint locking mechanisms that increase your security. We use toughened glass in our range for safety purposes. Doors supplied are glazed, or come with the option of design panels. Extra accessories are also available, including letterbox, knocker, and door number.

Aluminium 'French' Doors

French doors are a perfect option for opening your house out onto your garden. Our doors are fitted with multipoint locking mechanisms for increased security. We use toughened glass in our range for safety purposes. Doors supplied are fully glazed, or come with the option of design panels. Our products comply with all current building regulation requirements.

Residential Doors

58BD Entrance Door

Available in a wide range of styles and formats, our stylish aluminium Entrance door system is suitable for both light and medium-duty use. Designed with security and flexibility front of mind, every door in the range is available in single and double configurations making them ideal for almost any application.

Design features

  • Certified under the Secured By Design scheme
  • Tested to PAS 24
  • Multi-point locking mechanism


  • Glazing 24mm – 40mm
  • 58mm or 70mm frame depth to accommodate varying types of applications
  • Low threshold option for Part M – Building regulation
  • Available in a range of single or dual colour and anodised finishes
  • Available for new build or refurbishments
  • Available in single or double door configuration


Aluminium 'Sliding' Doors

BSC94 Inline Sliding Door

Combining high performance with stunning design, our sliding aluminium door systems provide a versatile solution for any architectural project. Manufactured to the highest UK standards, this multi-configuration inline system offers outstanding thermal performance and a wide range of customisable options.

Design features

  • Accepts 20 – 31mm double glazing
  • Max 400kg panel weight
  • Certified PAS 24
  • Anti bi-metal polyamide strip to allow for varying expansion rates


  • Available as Lift & Slide
  • Slimmer sightline of 45mm available
  • Multiple sliding configurations
  • Mono, Dual or Tri rail options
  • Available in single and dual colour, anodised finishes also available
  • Range of hardware and security features


Rooms flooded with light

Thermally insulated Aluminium Sliding and Lift-and-Slide System - connects the outstanding qualities of a robust vent frame with a narrow face width for rooms flooded with light.

  • Water tightness up to class 9A
  • Single, double and triple track outer frames
  • Excellent sound insulation
  • Glazing thickness 8-32mm
  • Wide choice of colours

Cor vision Sliding System with thermal break

An avant-garde design of a thermally broken sliding system that permits maximum luminosity with the minimum amount of seen aluminium profile section. An elegance in design that looks to cover great light spaces with minimum frame fragments of between 9-14% of the total surface. It shows seen centre junction sections of only 20mm, in the lateral junction at 77mm and the top/bottom junctions at 57mm.

Possibility of inlayiong the bottom, yop and lateral frames.

Possibility of sash meetings at the 90° corner without a mullion.

In its monochannel version, comprising of fixed and sash, the hidden rail is found in the fixed area.

It incorporates the new type of GALANDAGE that is designed to allow the possibility of an integral opening in the space to completely conceal the sashes in the building curtain wall chamber. In this way a 100% opening surface can be achieved.

This GALANDAGE option is made up of a single and dual channel rail which allows for a single or double sash concealed balcony doors.

This presents a new type of frame for 1, 2 or 3 rails that allows the incorporation of a stainless stell rail that affords increased sliding smoothness, an increase in laoding support for thebearings (up to 320kg/sash) and increased durability.

A system with traditional fitting procedures with perimetral frame and sashes that allows the sash to be dismantled in case of glass breakage, damage to the aluminium profile etc. It incorporates a rod operated mulipoint lock.

Cor-Vision Plus Sliding System with thermal break

Minimalistic sliding system especially suitable for large dimensions, allowing maximum luminosity with minimum visible section of aluminium and the possibility to cover great openings with a glass surface of 94%.

It's extraordinary glazing capacity allows to place glasses of up to 54mm thickness which guarantees the best acoustic and thermal peformance in a system with these characteristics.

It is available in configurations of fixed and sash, 2 and 4 sashes, and the maximum dimensions are 4,000mm/sash width/height.

It has a visible section of just 25mm and the possibility to totally inlay the bottom, lateral and top frames.

It provides the possibility of a motorized opening for weights up to 700kg and a manual opening for up to 44kg. Additionally, it allows multipoint lock systems by operating rod, with or without key.

The rollers are placed in the frame and the sashes count with a stainless steel reinforced channel which makes the sliding movement smnoother.

This system has a traditional procedure for assembling with a perimeter frame, 45°cut; and straight cut in the sashes, which allows disassembling of the sash in case of breakages to the glass or imperfections in the aluminium profile.

Aluminium 'Bi-Folding' Doors

ALUK BSF70 Bi-Fold Door

An intelligent combination of form and function, our highly versatile and market-leading Bi-fold sliding door system gives you maximum control over the style and operationof the doors. Multiple panels can be added to accommodate the design specifications of your building, with the option to open in or out as required. The system also boasts a unique flush line pop-out handle that allows for square flush stacking panels when doors are fully open.

Design Features

  • Certified under the Secured By Design scheme
  • Tested to PAS 24
  • Unique, pop-out handle that allows for maximum door opening and panels to stack square
  • Four stainless style rollers to ensure smooth and consistent operation
  • Chamfered and square bead options


  • Chamfered and square bead options
  • Glazing 28mm – 40mm
  • Available in a range of opening configurations
  • Available with heavy duty rollers; BSF70 HD
  • Available in a range of single or dual colour and anodised finishes

SCHUECO Bifolding door

Elegant Views

The bi-fold panes are thermally insulated giving a high level of transparency - different requirements can be met for example the option of a flush threshold profile provides an easy access entrance.

  • Suitable for use in public & residential property
  • Narrow face widths from 120mm
  • Can be used for balcony glazing
  • Glazing thickness 6-45mm
  • Wide choice of colours

Cor-Vision Bifolding Door

Bi Fold System

Bi-fold system with Thermal Break specially designed to cover large gaps with the most avant-garde aesthetic. Its design is distinguished by its versatility. It has a great range of configurations of up to 14 sashes outside and inside opening, with possibility of even or odd number of sashes.

With the objective of facilitate the access to the rooms, it allows to insert the bottom frame in the pavement, leaving the threshold completely hidden. Additionally, the rollers and wheels are hidden in close position, providing a more attractive and clear aesthetic.

Uw from 1,5 (W/m²K)

Accoustic insulation
Maximum glazing: 34 mm.

Colour powder coating (RAL, mottled and rough)
Wood effect powder coating
Anti-bacterial powder coating
Possibility of dual colour
Please consult typology, dimensions and glass

Categories achieved at test centre:

Air permeability
(EN 12207:2000): Class 4

Water tightness
(EN 12208:2000): Class 9A

Wind resistance
(EN 12210:2000): Class A3
Reference test 2.70 x 2.53 m. 3 sashes

Security Test
(PAS 24:2012): APT
Reference test 2701 x 2517 mm. 3 sashes. Configuration 330

Our Aluminium Windows and Doors are available in any shade from the RAL colour charts.

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